Sermon Notes

Today's message outline



WEEK FOUR: Hypocrisy (James 3:17)

I. We are all _____________________.  (Romans 3:10)

II. Brokenness is not _____________________.

  1. Hypocrites turn spiritual disciplines into a public performance (Matt. 6:2,5,16)
  2. Hypocrites use criticism of others to justify themselves (Matt. 7:5)
  3. Hypocrites turn worship into a self-serving expression (Matt. 15:7)
  4. Hypocrites feigns ignorance to deflect accountability (Matt. 16:3)
  5. Hypocrites use questions to obscure the truth (Matt. 22:18)
  6. Hypocrites use faith to destroy faith (Matt. 23:13)
  7. Hypocrites hide their self-serving agendas behind extravagant religious expressions (Matt. 23:14)
  8. Hypocrites seek to convert disciples to their traditions (Matt. 23:15)
  9. Hypocrites create a convenient hierarchy of truth (Matt. 23:23)
  10. Hypocrites emphasize external expression over internal reality (Matt. 23:25,27,28)
  11. Hypocrites are self-excusing and self-exalting (Matt. 23:29)
  12. Hypocrites use their liberty to put others in bondage (Matt. 24:51)

III. Hypocrisy Has No _____________________ in the Believer's Life.