Fine Arts 2023

Everything you need to know about Fine Arts can be found here!


We don't have a lot of information yet, but this is what we know -



  1. SIGN UP (Let us know you're interested, what you're interested in or if you'd like some help finding something to do.
  2. Mark your Calendars! Fine Arts Weekend is scheduled for Saturday, April 15th. Also, plan on presenting for the students and parents at Berean on Wednesday, April 12th.
  3. Start praying and planning now. Our leaders are more than happy to help you and divisions of competition are listed below. Ask more questions about what you're interested in!

Registration fees and information will be available soon! Keep coming back to this page for more information!

What are the Divisions Included in Fine Arts?

There are so many different ways to get involved with Fine Arts! Here's a quick overview of all the categories available this year:

Art Division

(includes Graphic Design, Photography-Digital Jr/Sr, Photography-Film, Photography Mobile Jr/Sr, T-Shirt Design, Visual Art-Three Dimensional, Visual Art-Two-Dimensional Alternative Media, Visual Art-Two-Dimensional Painting and Drawing Jr/Sr)

Communication Division

(includes American Sign Language Group, American Sign Language Solo, Children's Lesson Group, Children's Lesson Solo, Promo Video, Puppetry Group, Puppetry Solo, Short Film, Short Sermon Jr/Sr, Short Sermon-Spanish, Spoken Word)

Dance Division

(includes Step Troupe, Hip Hop Solo, Hip Hop Dance Crew, Worship Dance Solo Jr/Sr, Worship Dance Troupe-Large, Worship Dance Troupe-Small)

Drama Division

(includes Drama Ensemble-Large, Drama Ensemble-Small, Drama Solo, Dramatized Quoting-Ensemble, Dramatized Quoting-Solo, Human Video Ensemble-Large, Human Video Ensemble-Small, Human Video Ensemble-Spanish, Human Video Solo, Jr/Sr, Musical Theater Ensemble-Small, Musical Theater Ensemble Large, Musical Theater-Solo Jr/Sr, Readers Theater, Stand-Up Comedy)

Exhibition Division

(includes Fiber Arts)

Instrumental Division

(includes Bass Solo, Brass Solo, Guitar Solo, Instrumental Ensemble-Contemporary, Instrumental Ensemble-Traditional, Instrumental Solo-Folk, Percussion Ensemble-Traditional, Percussions Ensemble-Traditional Jr/Sr, Percussion-Uncoventional, Piano Solo, Piano Solo-Classical, String Solo, Woodwind Solo)

Vocal Division

(includes choir, Christian Band, Rap Group, Rap Solo, Songwriting, Vocal Ensemble-Large, Vocal Ensemble-Small, Vocal Ensemble-Spanish, Vocal Solo-Classical Sr, Vocal Solo-Female Jr/Sr, Vocal Solo-Male Jr/Sr, Vocal Solo-Spanish Female, Vocal Solo-Spanish Male, Worship Leading-Solo Jr/Sr, Worship Team-Large, Worship Team-Small)

Writing Division

(includes Book Chapter-Jr, Book Chapter-Sr, Children's Literature, First Person Essay-Jr, First Person Essay-Sr, Flash Fiction, Mini Saga, Poetry-Jr/Sr)

Another thing: Before you get too far into a project, know what you're supposed to be doing. You can download the rule book for the divisions you are interested in.

If you would like to see the complete rule book for Fine Arts, you can click the button below and scroll to the bottom of the page and click the button to download the Rule Book for this year!